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Friction-free subscription payments for consumers and merchants 
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Groundhog is a suite of tools built to power the crypto subscription economy.

Recurring paymentsSubscriptions on Ethereum

Recurring payments  —  They’re the bedrock of SaaS, e-commerce, and more. Think Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, subscription boxes, your car payment, or your mortgage. Merchants rely on them, and consumers trust them.

And now a whole new generation of people, projects, and companies is looking for a way to use these familiar subscription payment models inside the blockchain ecosystem.

But, believe it or not, recurring payments are difficult or impossible to do in the crypto space right now. The solutions that do exist are far from ideal. Most wallets can’t support subscriptions or pre-authorized payments by virtue of their design. And the use case is huge. By 2020, subscription e-commerce is estimated to reach $100 billion per year.

With Groundhog, you can start, stop, and manage all of your subscriptions with ease and confidence. Set up a new subscription payment anywhere Groundhog Pay is supported.

Creating standardsIntroducing ERC-948

We’re creating and implementing the new ERC-948 standard for Recurring Subscription Payments on Ethereum.


Read Subscription Services on the Blockchain: ERC-948 by Kevin Owocki

Enabling dAppsPayment rails for your project token

We’re enabling the dApp economy. There are thousands of blockchain-based projects with their own proprietary tokens, but nobody has really figured out the best way for users to easily acquire and spend these tokens in a friction-free way. 

With our simple SDK, API and plugins, we allow developers to integrate Groundhog Pay into their dApps so users can easily access and spend their proprietary token without reinventing the wheel every time.

TeamAward-winning blockchain innovators

Scott Burke

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Redden

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Byrne

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Robert Moore

Full-stack Engineer

Karly Barker

Digital Designer

Yashar Asheri

Front-end Engineer

Jeremy Sheehy

Front-end/Blockchain Engineer

Jason Barnett

DevOps Engineer

Andrew Trudel

Marketing and Support Manager

Dalton Lecky

Marketing and Administration Intern


Nathan Creswell

Product Director, Zuora

Trey Kelly

VP of Worldwide Sales, Ziften

Sean Koh

CEO, Koherent Inc.

Robert Paone

Partnerships, AirSwap

Ryan Negri

Co-founder and CEO, Laicos

Nate Starrett

Business Development, Stripe


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