Accepting crypto subscriptions is a breeze.

Plug in Groundhog’s friction-free checkout experience to get that recurring revenue feeling.
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Add Groundhog with just a few lines of code, or if you’re using WooCommerce, just install a plugin.

Customers can fund their Groundhog Wallet from other crypto wallets including MetaMask, or a bank account.

Accept one-time or subscription payments in ETH, DAI, or any ERC-20 token you want.

Be ready for your future. Crypto’s on the rise.

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Enable super simple
recurring payments on Ethereum

  • A familiar and delightful checkout your customers love
  • Convert to cash automatically with fiat on and off ramps
  • Avoid volatility by locking-in transactions with Stablecoins 
Accept Crypto Subscriptions

A reliable revenue stream for your business

  • Use the top stablecoins in the industry like DAI and Synthetix
  • Stablecoins resolve the dilemma of fluctuating value,
    1 DAI = 1 USD
  • Sleep easy knowing your business can rely on crypto payments
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We keep your revenue safe.

  • So in tune with blockchain technology that we’re writing the specifications ourselves with EIP-1337
  • You control your private keys, they’re never in our possession
  • Enjoy the protection and flexibility of our best in class multi-signature smart wallet technology
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Better. Faster. Stronger.

Decentralized Finance is evolving how online businesses operate. Keep more money for yourself by avoiding credit card transaction fees of up to 4% or more with Groundhog’s 0.5% transaction fees. Customers will never type in a credit card number again with Groundhog’s streamlined checkout-flow. Stop worrying about the security of your funds with Groundhog’s non-custodial guarantee ensuring that access to your account is 100% under your own control.

#DeFi is the future of business.

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Shaping the future of e-commerce

Groundhog is a co-author of ERC-1337, the standard for recurring subscription payments on Ethereum. This allows for interoperability with any wallet following the ERC-1337 standard. ERC-1337 gives customers and merchants complete control over their subscriptions. Manage when, where, why, and how.

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Scott Burke

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Redden

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Byrne

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Robert Moore

Full-stack Engineer

Karly Barker

Digital Designer

Yashar Asheri

Front-end Engineer

Jeremy Sheehy

Front-end/Blockchain Engineer

Jason Barnett

DevOps Engineer

Andrew Trudel

Marketing and Support Manager


Nathan Creswell

Product Director, Zuora

Trey Kelly

VP of Worldwide Sales, Ziften

Sean Koh

CEO, Koherent Inc.

Robert Paone

Partnerships, AirSwap

Ryan Negri

Co-founder and CEO, Laicos

Nate Starrett

Business Development, Stripe


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